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One night in 2004, I was lying on my bed with my eyes shut and headphones on. I was taking a moment to rest and worship, just allowing the Lord to minister to me. I then very clearly saw a feather in my minds eye. I knew God was speaking to me but I wasn’t sure what it meant. I could feel Him present with me, so I thanked him for that. As I stood up and removed my head phones, I glanced in the mirror and I noticed something on my forehead.. an actual feather! It floored me! He later led me to Psalm 91:4, "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”


After that experience, every time I would see a feather, whether on the ground or coming out of a pillow, I would thank the Lord for being with me. Whether happy in the moment or distraught, seeing a feather became a symbolic reminder, causing me pause to acknowledge Him. It was secret interaction, in my heart, just between Him and me. 


Fast forward 9 years and these moments really anchored me during a difficult season. After several hard years, my ex-husband and I separated. With a two year old and a four month old in tow, I moved back into my parents house for five months. It was a hard, confusing time for me but I clung to Psalm 91:4 and continued acknowledging His presence and faithfulness. During that season I was drawn back to my old basement art studio and began to paint again. At the encouragement of a few close friends, I took a risk and posted some of my work on Instagram and it began to sell. I eventually gave my marriage another chance and and after moving back home I continued to paint. After about a year of posting and selling random pieces of art , I really wanted to create something original so I sat down on my kitchen floor one night and began to experiment. Using my favorite medium, pen and ink, these abstract feathers began to organically take shape. I created a set of 6, all in neutral tones, and posted them Instagram. They sold immediately and then people requested more. Each week I gradually raised the price. By Christmas I had so many orders that I was up late every night just trying to keep up! It wasn’t until much later that I connected the dots between the feathers I was painting and the original feather the Lord had shown me years before. For so long they had symbolized the Lord’s provision and protection and now I was experiencing those very things through painting them! My marriage eventually came to an end but it was through these feathers that I was able to provide for my boys as a single mother. God is faithful. And now that I am remarried and have five kids to call my own, He continues to use them to provide.


I never dreamt that one special moment with the Lord would eventually carry me through the most difficult of times, reinvigorate my creativity and ultimately lead to growing business that continues to minister to others. These feathers will always be an expression of my trust in God’s protection and faithfulness (Ps. 91). God continually reminds me that He is in control and that His will is good, acceptable, and perfect even through the hard times!!


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