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Widow's Mite

Widow's Mite

Excluding Sales Tax

The story of the "Widow's Mite" in Luke 21:2 tells of the woman who gave all she had. The Greek New Testament word for "mite" is "lepton". The first century had many beautiful and valuable coins, but the lepton, often crudely made, was the smallest and lowest valued coin. So Christ commended the widow not just for giving 2 coins, but for giving 2 leptons, all she had. 



Each framed piece contains two "mites" with a sticker on the back explaining the meaning. Sawtooth picture hangers are on the back so you can hang either vertically or horizontally. Total size is 9"x 6.5"

  • Wholesale and Shipping Information

    To purchase wholesale please email us at with your sale tax ID, quantity, and shipping address. We will send a Quickbooks invoice to that email address and will place the order upon payment. 


    Shipping may vary depending on quantity and may be invoiced separately. 

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